Sakshi Gupta

MIRAGE, 2005
Thread and Wood, 150 x 45 x 30 cm approx

Nature often plays games with the human mind; it creates hope where there is none. The desert also plays mind games with people in the way of a "mirage". Rajasthan to my mind always brings an image of the vast desert in spite of its developed cities. During the residency in the Vagad district of Rajasthan I was in a situation where access to public transport was very difficult. This is where from the work 'Mirage' germinated as I weaved an attractive and an inviting chair to sit on and positioned it on the main road so that the passerby might want to use it but would only be disappointed as he would come close to it due to its extremely fragile structure and fabrication. This work was intended to be a comment on situations that sometimes we get ourselves into due to our own weaknesses or temptations.