Sakshi Gupta

Found material, scrap wood strips, matting, Variable dimensions

I made this work during a three-month art residency at the Bangalore Art Centre on Hosur road. The Centre, located at a furniture factory gave me access to waste objects or materials to work with. In these works, I have rendered objects associated with intimacy and comfort into forms that are oppressive or estranged to challenge conventional connotations with what we consider familiar or banal.
The Chair was constructed using thin, discarded scraps of wood strips from a factory near the Centre. I floated the chair / bench on a raft of coconut fronds on a nearby lake; this lake often gave me a sense of restfulness and peace. The chair was set afloat on the lake as an offering to it. After a while of it being on the raft, the chair toppled over and merged with the waters of the lake.
I then decided to share the documentation of its floating and submergence.