Sakshi Gupta


While deriving our inspiration from both our experience of staying in the 15th century castle and its surroundings along with its history, the video invites the viewer to a journey through the castle, exploring it as a visitor would and experience it transform into a space that at once is as much a home as is alien; at once accessible and yet is shrouded with mystery.
The work quite literally uses an incident said to have taken place in the history of the Ranieri family wherein the holy spirit appears in front of the Venerable Raniero Ranieri in the form of a snow white lamb as a starting point. Precariously placed between what could be the projection of the mind on the one hand and the filtered remains of personal experiences on the other, the attempt was to make the piece by turns technical, absurd, tender, and urgent.

Filmmakers: Sakshi Gupta & Ahmad Yazid
Camera & Editor: Ahmad Yazid
Music: Carl Stone
Location: Civitella Ranieri Castle, Umbria, Italy

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