Sakshi Gupta

Stones and sand, 90 x 90 x 120 cm approx

I made this work at my first ever artist residency, organised by Sandarbh in Samod, Rajasthan for ten days. During my time in Samod, I chanced upon an abandoned, half constructed house - a site that conjured a simultaneous sense of indoors and outdoors. The process of building the work made me highly sensitive to my surroundings. It inspired me to think about notions of space, time, and material. As a spontaneous reaction to the site, I gathered loose stones which were also used to construct the walls of the house and began working with them. My work sparked the neighbours' intrigue - they frequently visited me at the site, which soon became an informal gathering point for chai and conversations. Some of these neighbours who also had ongoing construction work at their home kindly let two of their masons work with me and we collectively built this site-specific installation. The hill behind the house framed a negative space at its mouth, and through this work, I attempted to fill that space in conversation with the hill. This was my first time working with found material, which has since become an integral part of my practice.