Sakshi Gupta

OBECT NO. 1, 2006
Aluminium Nails, peacock feathers and foam, 180 x 90 x 240 cm approx

I made this work during a three-month art residency at the Bangalore Art Centre on Hosur road. The Centre, located at a furniture factory gave me access to waste objects or materials to work with. In these works, I have rendered objects associated with intimacy and comfort into forms that are oppressive or estranged to challenge conventional connotations with what we consider familiar or banal.
The Bed looks inviting and almost seductive from a distance. Upon a closer glance, it reveals itself to be covered with sharp steel rods held together by a rubber solution, with peacock feathers spilling out between the steely pillows. A domestic object associated with rest and respite here appears disconcerting and threatening. It nudges the viewer to examine her relationship with her surroundings as much as with herself.